Fidelis Incident Response

End-to-End Support from Initial Response to Remediation and Recovery

Every second counts during a breach – move quickly to identify and resolve threats with Fidelis experts at your side

A security breach can have a huge financial and operational impact on your business. Rapid response is critical to contain and eradicate the threat, reduce the loss of IP and disruption to business – with as little impact as possible. Fidelis’ team of highly experienced Incident Responders helps organizations of all sizes effectively respond to threats – no matter how complex the environment.

The Fidelis Difference:

Fidelis’ dedicated Incident Response team has decades of experience and has worked to remediate some of the world’s most high-profile security breaches. The team has responded to more than 4,000 security cases in both the commercial and government sectors and has provided expert testimony in over 100 court proceedings. Our professionals can quickly identify and remove attackers from the environment, re-secure the enterprise and help your organization successfully recover from an incident.

Our Approach:

1. Initial Response

First, the Fidelis Incident Response team reviews existing information and evidence regarding a breach. They review a triage package to see which endpoint artifacts, such as processes or network connections, are related to a given event. Next, they assess what security controls are in place and then conduct an initial assessment to develop an appropriate response strategy.

3. Containment & Expulsion

After identifying a timeline of activity and the systems and networks affected, we work closely with your team to contain the attack. The enterprise is continuously monitored for malicious activity as we covertly cut off the attacker’s ability to access or exfiltrate data. Containment activities culminate in an expulsion event where traces of the attacker’s malware and tools are removed, credentials are reset and exploited vulnerabilities are mitigated.

4. Remediation & Recovery

A successful remediation involves eradicating the malicious attacker from the enterprise and returning to business as usual. Once the attacker is out of your environment we work with you to enhance the security of your network to reduce the likelihood of another security incident. Our recommendations are based on our defense-in-depth strategy and includes people, processes, and technologies to reduce your risk while keeping costs at a minimum.

Knowledge and Experience Backed by Fidelis Technology:

Fidelis Network® sensors provide full visibility into all communication moving in and out of the network, including traffic traversing laterally inside of the enterprise where the malicious actor may be staging data for exfiltration.

Fidelis Endpoint® allows the application of intelligence and any known Indicators of Compromise to sweep all endpoints in an enterprise to rapidly detect all compromised systems.

Fidelis Deception® automatically discovers and classifies networks and assets to provide an accurate image of your environment. Using breadcrumbs and lures, the technology exposes the reconnaissance movements of an attacker to expedite swift removal.