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Building Cyber Resilience in a Threatened Landscape

Cyber Resilience: Essential Practices for Business Continuity

According to research, the estimated cost of cybercrime amounts to $10.5 trillion! No matter how secure your network may be, perpetrators will always make their way in.

What should one do in such a situation? 

Build Cyber resilience, which means detecting and managing post-breach attacks. Cyber resilience is defined by an environment’s ability to maintain business-critical operations while under attack; quickly detect, assess, and respond to ongoing attacks; and return to normal business operations.  

Dive into this whitepaper to know whether your environment is cyber resilient and if not, what can you do to be prepared for it.

Here are some questions that the whitepaper will help you answer:

  • Do we understand our full cyber terrain and risk profile of our most valuable or vulnerable assets? 
  • If our organization were breached, how quickly could we detect the attack and recover? 
  • Are we prepared for insider threats?
  • Have we prepared and rehearsed response scripts for anticipated and unanticipated attacks? 

Fidelis Security can help you build this cyber resilient environment and detect post breach attacks 9 times faster. To know how, download whitepaper now. 

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Download Whitepaper: Cyber Resilience

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