4 Keys to Automating Threat Detection, Threat Hunting and Response

The techniques, tactics and procedures that adversaries use to evade preventive defenses are continuously evolving – the recent adoption of file-less techniques and using macros and scripts for example is becoming more common. Cyber-attacks are becoming expected and ultimately, even the most well-prepared organizations are falling victim. To defend against determined attacks, organizations must mature advanced threat defense and threat hunting capabilities in order to reduce the Mean Time to Detect and apply automation to improve their Mean Time to Respond. Find out how organizations like yours can evolve their security infrastructure to best detect and respond to advanced threats as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Read this paper to find out how:
Combined styles of threat defense can be used to reduce dwell-time
Organizations can apply automation to the detection and response processes
Security teams can evolve their capabilities to hunt for threats
Organizations can succeed despite severe resource limitations

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