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SC Media Fidelis Deception® Review

With digital transformation and changing corporate environments, attackers have a rapidly expanding cyber terrain to exploit. Once an attacker has accessed a network or endpoint, they gather intel by searching assets for valuable information and clues about where the desired data or location might be. Attackers move laterally across endpoints, network and different devices in order to reach their objective, and it’s during this lateral movement that deception technology can be used to stop attackers and protect organizations.

With Fidelis Deception, security teams can warp the perception of the attack surface, giving an attacker a “friendly” environment. Security teams can make 100 endpoints look like 10,000 endpoints, changing the economics for the attacker and increasing their risk. By managing the attacker’s experience, Fidelis Deception can help security teams slow down attackers, reduce dwell time, and root out threats before real harm is done.

SC Media recognized our award-winning technology as a powerful tool to have in your security arsenal in their product review. Download this report to read SC Media’s review of Fidelis Deception.

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