How To

Securing Hybrid Cloud with the Halo Platform

Adoption of cloud infrastructure has left many organizations managing hybrid deployments—environments in which some applications and infrastructure have been moved to or built in the cloud, while others remain in a data center. The simultaneous use of cloud and data center infrastructure introduces unique security challenges that require a security approach that bridges the gap between the data center and the cloud. Information security teams must maintain support for existing data center security and compliance requirements, while restructuring tooling to account for cloud environments and DevOps processes. Download this security blueprint, a how-to-guide for securing hybrid deployments, that overviews:

  • The key elements that make up a hybrid cloud
  • The new security and compliance needs of hybrid deployments
  • Success factors for hybrid cloud security
  • The shared responsibility model
  • Unifying security controls across diverse assets and locations
  • Automating security functions for speed and scalability
  • Integrating security into development and operational (DevOps) workflows

The final section of this security blueprint provides a step-by-step process to secure hybrid cloud deployments using Fidelis CloudPassage Halo, complete with product screenshots.

Download the How-To Guide