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Elevating Greenfield Cloud Application Security with CloudPassage Halo

A Strategic Approach to Safeguard Greenfield Cloud Applications

It can get a bit tricky when it comes to securing cloud native applications and navigating cloud applications security. That’s why we’ve put together a How-To guide. It’s all about understanding the security needs of the modern, cloud-born applications. 

The guide starts by looking at how cloud infrastructure has changed the needs of application design and security. Cloud native, greenfield applications require a tailored approach to address their unique processes and architectures. It dissects the key components of these cloud apps and emphasizes how crucial strong security is to fend off ever-evolving threats. 

Next, it introduces CloudPassage Halo as the solution, offering a full suite of security functions made for the dynamic nature of cloud environment: 

  • Automated security controls stop ransomware 
  • Deep coverage for cloud instances and container infrastructure 
  • Seamless integration with DevOps workflow 

The guide wraps up by emphasizing the fundamental security shifts required for cloud apps and reinforcing Halo’s vital role. With its capabilities, Halo ensures robust security and compliance as you take full advantage of cloud-based infrastructure – safeguarding your applications against the latest threats. 

So if you’re working with cloud native, greenfield apps, give this guide a read. It lays out the unique cloud application security considerations and how Halo can help you navigate them with confidence. 

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