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Securing Greenfield Cloud Applications with Fidelis Halo

Fidelis Security’s Guide on How to Secure Greenfield Cloud Applications

New applications developed specifically for the cloud using cloud infrastructure and platforms change the way applications need to be secured. The resources and services available from cloud service providers enable on-demand infrastructure defined as code, on-demand scalability, and new design, development, and delivery models—all of which have an impact on security.

While fundamental security objectives remain the same, cloud infrastructure introduces new layers of control, new resources to monitor and secure, and changes how security must be implemented.

Download this security blueprint, a how-to-guide for securing greenfield cloud applications, that overviews:

  • Cloud application components, architecture, and processes
  • Security considerations specific to greenfield cloud applications
  • Success factors for cloud application security
  • The shared responsibility model
  • Automating security functions for the speed and scale of the cloud
  • Unifying security controls across diverse cloud assets and locations
  • Integrating security into development and operational (DevOps) workflows

The final section of this security blueprint provides a step-by-step process to secure cloud applications using Fidelis CloudPassage Halo, complete with product screenshots.

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