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Fidelis Security University

Fidelis Security University Training Overview

Fidelis Security University provides training alternatives to help individuals and businesses enhance the value of their products. The training consists of both online self-paced courses and live, remote, or in-person training sessions directed to different levels of expertise.  

Topics covered in the courses include technology knowledge, architecture, and unique capabilities such as:  

  • Deep Session Inspection 
  • User interface navigation 
  • Alert creation 
  • Policy management 
  • Metadata interpretation, and  
  • Rule creation for network security 

Fidelis Security University also offers certificates of completion, access to course updates, virtual lab environments, educational webinars, and on-demand product demonstrations. 

Intermediate courses expand on foundational knowledge, focusing on investigations, threat hunting, and advanced rule writing. These courses provide practical labs, lectures, and case studies to improve threat detection and response skills.  


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