Exclusive Tips: Hardening your Active Directory with Advanced Strategies

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Fidelis Active Directory Intercept™ Explained

Proactive Defense: Real-Time AD Threat Detection

Active Directory (AD) is the cornerstone of identity and entitlements management in over 90% of organizations. As such, AD provides the perfect launch point from which adversaries dive in deep, move laterally, escalate privileges, and conduct malicious activity, such as code execution, data exfiltration, account spoofing, and more. 

Fidelis Active Directory Intercept combines AD-aware network detection and response tool and integrated AD deception technology with foundational AD log and event monitoring to not just identify AD threats – but to respond swiftly. 

This datasheet dives into how Active Directory Intercept works. It covers: 

  • Network Traffic Analysis 
  • Integrated Intelligent Deception 
  • Active Directory Log and Event Monitoring 
  • Intercept and Defeat AD Attacks and Attempts 

Download the Active Directory Intercept datasheet and protect your cyber environment now. 

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