Detect, Hunt and Respond to Advanced Threats. Prevent Data Theft.

One unified platform that integrates Network Traffic Analysis, Digital Forensics and Incident Response to ensure faster detection, empower threat hunting and automate response.

Elevate Security Operations to Detect, Hunt, and Respond

Fidelis Elevate™ provides a terrain-based cyber defense that integrates network, endpoint and deception defenses to give you holistic visibility of your environment. Now you know what to protect and the most probable paths of data exfiltration, command and control, surveillance and more. With powerful machine-learning analytics running against rich, network and endpoint metadata, you can detect, hunt and respond to advanced threats – in real-time and retrospectively – at every step of an attack, keeping your business operations and data safe.

A Force Multiplier for Your Security Operations

Fidelis Elevate integrates network traffic analysis, data loss prevention, deception, and endpoint detection and response into one unified solution. Now your security team can focus on the most urgent threats and protect sensitive data rather than spending time validating and triaging thousands of alerts.

Enhance Your Visibility and Threat Detection Capabilities

  • Inspect all ports and all protocols bi-directionally
  • See north-south traffic, lateral movement and data exfiltration
  • Enrich alerts with data and context from integrated Fidelis products
  • Identify traffic and behavior anomalies via threat intelligence and research, sandboxing, machine learning analytics, and deception
  • Capture and store metadata for analysis and threat hunting

Automate Response for Quick and Effective Resolution

  • Speed alert triage by automatically collapsing similar alerts and events into a single view
  • Automatically validate network alerts on impacted endpoints
  • Raise the priority level when evidence is found of increased risk
  • Automatically execute a response playbook to jumpstart your investigation
  • Stop data leakage, command and control, and active attacks

4 Keys to Automating Threat Detection,
Threat Hunting and Response

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What Experts Are Saying

“One of our favorite takeaways from using a platform such as Fidelis Elevate was being able to exercise the concept of holistic visibility, meaning the environment is ingested, analyzed and treated as a single unit. Holistic visibility allows for threats to be analyzed and neutralized faster,...
Matt Bromiley, Analyst
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Threat Detection and DLP with Network Traffic Analysis

Fidelis Network® provides advanced threat detection and data loss prevention, giving security analysts unmatched visibility and in-depth traffic analysis – at wire speed – to dramatically accelerate threat protection, detection and hunting across the entire network.

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Speed Investigations with Automated Endpoint Detection and Response

Fidelis Endpoint® speeds incident response investigations with powerful detection and forensic capabilities, and automated response playbooks to enable your security analysts to quickly hunt for and remediate threats.

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Alter Your Attack Surface to Slow Down Attackers

Fidelis Deception™ automatically profiles networks and assets to create deception layers that give you a smart-alarm system to detect post-breach attacks.

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Leverage Curated Threat Research for More Accurate Detection

Fidelis Insight™ analyzes real-time and historical data, so you can rapidly detect and respond to threats in your environment, even when they happened in the past.

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