Turn Adversaries into Targets

Fidelis Deception shifts the advantage from the cyber adversary to the cyber defender. It helps security teams proactively detect, deceive, and neutralize adversaries inside your network before they can do damage to your organization.



Lure Attackers Away from Assets with Deception Technology

Adversaries want your data and assets. Fidelis Deception makes them believe they’ve struck gold. But what they’ve really done is trapped themselves and alerted your cyber defenders.

  • Automatically create and deploy authentic deception layers based on real assets
  • Keep adversaries and malicious insiders guessing with deception technology
  • Dramatically shorten the cyber attack lifecycle

Eliminate Noise and False Alarms with High-fidelity Alerts

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your threat detection team with meaningful, context-rich and high-fidelity alerts.

  • Low-risk, low-friction cyber alarm system
  • Accurate alerting with actionable data
  • Exposes attackers in minutes



Shrink the Cyber Attack Lifecycle to Mere Minutes

Fidelis Deception enables you to deploy decoys and breadcrumbs automatically and dynamically to trap adversaries on-premises or in the cloud—before they can move through your network.

  • Detect adversaries in real time with deception technology
  • Understand attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Rely on a single solution for threat detection, analysis, hunting, and action

Make Cyber Attacks Deceptively Difficult for Cyber Adversaries

Unifying Fidelis Deception with NDR and EDR in a single platform – Fidelis Elevate – completely changes the game to your advantage. This proactive cyber defense approach lets you:

  • Deceive even the most sophisticated attackers, malware, or malicious insiders
  • Improve network and endpoint threat detection and detect lateral movement faster
  • Gain insights and data to better prepare for the next attack

Trusted Deception

Fortune 1000 Pharmaceutical Company Tightens Security with Fidelis Deception

Leading Technology Solutions Manufacturer Relies on Fidelis Deception to Detect Zero-Day and APT Attacks