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Better Threat Hunting

Find and stop threats faster.

Hunt Efficiently. Stop Effectively

Limit your exposure with better threat hunting tools and processes. Fidelis Elevate and Fidelis Halo help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security teams threat hunting.

The Challenge:

Smarter attackers are doing massive damage

Adversaries are more sophisticated than ever. They are finding new ways to attack and are highly skilled at evading traditional prevention and detection. Increasingly attackers can infiltrate and hide for months without detection. Yet many security teams don’t have the time or skills to threat hunt. What damage is being done by an attacker silently lurking around your network and endpoints for months… hunt better.

threat hunting – identify and stop cyber threats

Our Solution:

Hunt smarter – identify and stop cyber threats

Designed by threat hunters, Fidelis Elevate™ is a seamless threat hunting and IR platform that integrates EndpointNetwork and Deception to more easily pivot from network traffic to endpoints, and task execution. Contextual visibility, insight, and deep digital forensics help you seek, discover, and respond to unknown, malicious artifacts and activities hiding in your environment. Rich, indexable metadata (at content and context level) delivers search and query results in minutes to quickly isolate infected systems. Custom scripts and playbooks prevent specific threats from interrupting business again.

  • Detect sophisticated threats at any point along the kill chain
  • Lure attackers using deception technology
  • Adopt a proactive security posture

Why Now?

Hidden threats can cost you millions

Modern attackers are organized, skilled and well-funded. Capable of hiding for as much as 6 months undetected, these adversaries are finding new ways to wreak havoc on an organization. Threat hunting is a proactive security exercise that takes you beyond what you already know to find even hidden adversaries. Highly reliable and precise visibility and real-time data analytics helps you explore and identify unknown threats, and to find new cyber threats.


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