Automate Response to Advanced Attacks

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The Challenge:

Close the gap between incident and response

One weak link is all an attacker needs. And your endpoints are at the mercy of the humans that work them – often not security professionals. It is safest to assume that an incident can strike your enterprise at any time. Often, it can take months before an incident is discovered. In the meantime, adversaries are wreaking havoc in your enterprise via reconnaissance, lateral movement, establishing persistence, exfiltrating data, and/or encrypting valuable information. Close the door on known threats and also disrupt new threats to better defend your endpoints.


Our Solution:

Continuous behavior monitoring with automated response playbooks

Protect your sensitive data. Quickly identify attackers or insider threats that are active in your network and unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of information through email in real time. By tightly integrating malware prevention, detection and remediation, security professionals seamlessly follow the path of malware back to its origin whenever malware is detected and remediated. This integration provides continuous event collection and monitoring, as well as a rich set of detection rules to alert on suspicious or known malicious behavior. Threat intelligence correlates latest intel against collected and event telemetry, while flexible and extensible automation playbooks triggered by observed behavior.


Why Now?

Adversaries are exploiting opportunity faster than ever

Sophisticated adversaries can wreak havoc on organizations in mere minutes. They leverage increasingly complex and distributed data environments to create new attack methods and escape detection longer – sometimes hiding undetected for months. Ponemon estimates that when it takes 3 months to contain an incident, it can cost ~$14 million. Improve your SOC effectiveness, gain a decisive advantage, and improve detection accuracy with visibility and control across even the deepest layers of the cyber environment.

  • Contextual visibility
  • Faster detection
  • Automated response

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