Speed Investigations with
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Detect, investigate, hunt and respond to advanced threats within minutes.

Arm Your Security Operations with Advanced EDR

Watch this short video to learn how to gain deep visibility into all endpoint activity – in real time and retrospectively, simplify threat hunting and detection, prevent threats through your preferred AV engine and process blocking, and how to automate response with pre-built scripts and playbooks.

Deep Visibility and Insights into Endpoint Activity

See all endpoint activity across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems and gain unmatched insight through the collection of all executable files and scripts that are analyzed against the latest threat intelligence. Detect threats in real time or hunt retrospectively through recorded events. You can also monitor a full software inventory and identify vulnerabilities with links to MITRE CVEs or Microsoft KB Reports.

With Fidelis, visibility and defenses are always on, whether the endpoint is on or off the network.

True Endpoint Visibility

  1. View all process data, user activity, registry events, file system activity, and memory data and more
  2. Review full software inventory and known CVE and KB vulnerabilities
  3. Collect executable files and scripts for analysis and threat hunting
  4. Create and save advanced queries using Boolean logic
  5. Monitor endpoints in real-time and retrospectively, on and off the network
  6. Monitor key events with playback analysis to automatically deliver an incident timeline, along with prioritized alerts
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Learn How to Automate Endpoint Response

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Investigate Once, then Automate Response

Automate response with scripts and playbooks. Minimize impact and speed response time with endpoint isolation, process termination, file removal, and custom scripts. Jumpstart investigations with memory analysis, vulnerability scans, and system inventory. Gain unmatched forensic data capture with memory and full disk images.

Unmatched Endpoint Response and Forensics Capabilities

  1. Take actions and collect data with a library of pre-written scripts and playbooks, and the ability to create your own
  2. Collect live response data for faster investigation
  3. Access remote file systems, generate memory captures and full disk images
  4. Integrate with SIEMs, NGFWs, and more to execute response actions
  5. Automate remediation, deep analysis, or custom actions to minimize response time

Enhance Your Endpoint Protection

Prevent threats with Fidelis AV powered by BitDefender for an added layer of defense. Fidelis Endpoint also supports an open choice of AV engines for our customers. With process blocking (IOC hash, YARA rules) and process behavior blocking that runs independently of AV engines, customers are free to use the AV that suits their needs.

Prevent Malware, Block Execution, and Increase Threat Intelligence

  1. Detect and prevent threats in real-time via behavior-based defenses
  2. Choose Fidelis AV powered by BitDefender or the AV of your choice
  3. View detections and preventions within an interactive process tree
  4. Leverage a central repository of detected threats

More Accurate Detections with Curated Threat Research

Fidelis Insight leverages real-time and historical data, sandboxing, and machine learning to provide curated threat intelligence that rapidly detects threats. Our Threat Research as a Service (TRaaS) provides on-demand access to threat research experts for detailed information, intelligence, and malware services, plus consulting services to improve your skills and countermeasures.

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Fidelis Endpoint®: A Technical Deep Dive

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"APT Beware! Fidelis Endpoint Will Find You And Eradicate Your Presence!!!!!

“I like the fact that I can create a custom alert and response detection rule on the fly based on almost any value I can think of. Through this malleable rule writing capability, Fidelis Endpoint empowers the user to create very advanced alerting rapidly. In my experience, if you can dream up an…

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What Experts Are Saying

“We found that Fidelis Endpoint offers organizations a robust capability for gaining high level insights into the state of their various endpoints, while also offering drilldowns into key granular details that are crucial for effective detection and response. But perhaps our biggest highlight,...
Matt Bromiley, Analyst
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Flexible Deployment Options:

On Premises

  • You maintain and manage all agents and software
  • Fidelis professional services assists with deployment and training
  • Maintenance fees includes intelligence updates from Fidelis Threat Research Team
  • License additional agents as your needs grow


  • Infrastructure maintained by Fidelis, so you can focus on security
  • Rapid deployment and immediate implementation
  • Scale up as you grow with as many endpoint agents as you need
  • Uninterrupted service as you transition from a trial to production
  • Simplified subscription pricing based on number of agents and storage needs

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