Reduce Dwell Time By Quickly Detecting Post-Breach Attacks

Your Smart Alarm System

Watch this short video to learn how Fidelis Deception:

  • Creates a low-risk, low-friction cyber alarm system
  • Provides high fidelity alerts with actionable data
  • Creates automated and authentic deception layer
  • Exposes your attackers in minutes 

Automatically Discover and Classify Networks and Assets

Classify all networks and assets, communication paths, and network activity to profile your users, services, and systems. Gain visibility of servers, workstations, enterprise IoT devices, legacy systems and shadow-IT, and ensure an always-current profile as changes occur within your environment to automatically adapt deception layers.

Gain an Accurate View of Your Network Environment

  1. Profile on-premises and cloud environments to classify all networks, assets and their communication paths
  2. Classify all asset types including enterprise IoT devices (printers, servers, cameras, routers, etc.)
  3. Discover internal and external activity, web traffic, browser types, and operating systems
  4. Remove blind spots for unknown assets including legacy systems and shadow-IT
  5. Provide asset risk assessment based on protection, activity, importance and more

Fidelis Deception® Datasheet

Learn about the unique capabilities of Fidelis Deception that enables customers to see lateral movement and slow down attackers. Read the datasheet

Automatically Create and Deploy Deception Layers

Following the automated discovery of an environment, Fidelis Deception uses accurate information to auto-generate decoys for deception layers. Decoys have profiles, services and regular activity matching the environment, plus recommended breadcrumbs for placement on nearby real assets to act as lures to decoys.

Configuration options are available to customize deception layers by adding real OS VM decoys, golden image OS VM decoys of customer choice, desired manual edits to IT asset and services decoys and much more.

Lure Attackers to the Deception Layer via Breadcrumbs

Easily configure breadcrumbs on real assets and in Active Directory to lure cyber attackers, malicious insiders and automated malware to the deception layer. Breadcrumb options include files, documents, email, system resources and more.

Ensure an Always Up-to-Date Deception Environment

  1. Automatically build realistic deception layers based on accurate discovery profiles
  2. Create full interaction real OS VM decoys or controlled interaction emulation decoys
  3. Automatically deploy, validate access paths and advertise decoys on networks
  4. Make deception deterministic by deploying breadcrumbs on real assets as lures to decoys
  5. Continuously adapt deception layers with automation for network and asset changes
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Early Detection of
Post-Breach Attacks

  1. Lure attackers with breadcrumbs on real assets to decoys and services to divert and defend
  2. Invoke fake users within Active Directory showing activity on decoys within deception layers
  3. Detect external attacks and insiders to expose reconnaissance and lateral movement
  4. Learn details of attack paths, resource interests and initial compromised foothold systems
  5. Enables Red Team and Blue Team risk simulations to determine enhanced decoy and breadcrumb placement

Alerts You Can Trust

Cyber deception defenses provide a proactive opportunity to lure, detect and defend early within post-breach compromise incidents. Alerts come from deception layers unknown to users resulting in low-risk alerts via emulation with high fidelity and no false positives. The result is a low friction, low risk accurate alarm system to detect post-breach attacks.

For more mature security operations, receive high value alerts from real OS VM decoys or golden image OS VM decoys to learn attack TTPs, analyze and sandbox file uploads, and improve defenses.

Sharper Signals and No Risk

  1. High fidelity alerts come from decoy access, network traffic analysis and poisoned data use
  2. Investigate alerts knowing network paths and asset profiles, communications, plus decoy interaction
  3. Seamless workflow into Fidelis Endpoint for EDR analysis, or Fidelis Network for broader network traffic analysis and DLP
  4. No false positives as deception layers are unknown to users with no reason for access
  5. No risk to data or resources and no impact to users or operations

What Experts Are Saying

With Fidelis Deception, security teams can warp the perception of the attack surface, giving an attacker a “friendly” environment. Security teams can make 100 endpoints look like 10,000 endpoints, changing the economics for the attacker and increasing their risk. By managing the...
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“Fidelis Deception is one of the most advanced and mature deception platforms that CSO has evaluated… In a world where hackers are learning to expect decoys around every corner, Fidelis has still found a way to deploy an irresistible network of deceptive assets that stand ready to protect the real thing.”
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"Fidelis Deception combats the full spectrum of cyberattacks by providing full visibility across hybrid, cloud and on-premises environments. It automates threat and data theft detection to empower threat hunting and optimize incident response by providing context, speed and accuracy."
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"With Fidelis Deception, we’re changing the rules of the game. Now we have the attackers running for cover because they understand that we can find them even if they managed to bypass our perimeter."
Fortune 1000 Company, Head of Security

Flexible Deployment Options:

On premises

  • Deception management, traffic analysis, and decoy appliances or software
  • Deception breadcrumbs are software based


  • Deception management, traffic analysis, and decoy software for AWS
  • Deception breadcrumbs are software based

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