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The Challenge:

Your business and reputation are being threatened

Your environment is not as locked down as you want. Cloud added complexity and gaps that are easily exploited. Making matters worse, todays adversaries are tougher than ever to detect and defeat. It is safer to assume a threat is already inside your environment. Threat detection that spans the entire kill chain is imperative. Your business, and your reputation, are riding on your ability to find, assess and stop threats.


Our Solution:

Real-time threat detection

Detect advanced threats with speed, accuracy, and clarity before they damage your business or reputation. Fidelis Elevate uses metadata to enable real-time data monitoring across your entire IT environment. It shortens mean-time-to-detection and discovery of attacker activity and identifies compromised systems and data that have been accessed or removed. Award-winning deception capabilities help draw out network threats, expand asset visibility, and make it harder to evade detection. Fidelis’ behavior analysis, 20+ different detection methods and machine-learning capabilities provide strong indicators of advanced threats and potential zero-day attacks, enabling users to proactively stop attacks before it is too late. Create automated response playbooks to prevent similar re-occurrences.

  • Improve early detection across the kill chain
  • Continuous real-time analysis across hundreds of attributes
  • Mitigate risk by shifting to a proactive security posture

Why Now?

Prevention is no longer enough

101 days. That’s the average amount of time it takes to detect malicious activity. Yet the inability to detect cyber attacks has tangible impact on reputation, productivity, compliance and profitability. Ponemon estimates the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. Which means, even the best security teams need to anticipate worst-case scenarios. Threat adversaries are more sophisticated than ever. Couple that with more complex IT environments, and pandemic-themed campaigns, and data breaches show no signs of slowing down. Multiple cyberattacks daily are commonplace.

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“Fidelis Deception is one of the most advanced and mature deception platforms that CSO has evaluated… In a world where hackers are learning to expect decoys around every corner, Fidelis has still found a way to deploy an irresistible network of deceptive assets that stand ready to protect the real thing.”

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“One of our favorite takeaways from using a platform such as Fidelis Elevate was being able to exercise the concept of holistic visibility, meaning the environment is ingested, analyzed and treated as a single unit. Holistic visibility allows for threats to be analyzed and neutralized faster, and lets organizations make confident decisions that truly affect enterprise security.”

-Matt Bromiley, Analyst, SANS

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Let Us Prove It.

See how Fidelis Elevate improves threat detection with this demo of a live environment.

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