Threat Detection

Detect Threats in Real-Time Across Network Traffic and Endpoint Activity

Go Beyond Perimeter and Endpoint Prevention Defenses

Improved threat detection capabilities are top of mind for mature security operations and are also changing security solution architecture. Prevention alone is no longer enough, and organizations need to assume attacks are already occurring inside their environment. Security analysts require improved skills and training to leverage advanced detection tools, threat intelligence, and historical data.

The Challenges of Real-Time Threat Detection

Collecting hundreds of log types and analyzing them has shown to be an ineffective approach to threat detection, even when applying behavior analysis and machine learning. The converse entails capturing the raw data and facing delays to decode and reassemble, plus high storage expenses. Logs lack content and context, and the raw data itself is too slow to analyze and expensive if you require a time span of months or a year.

The reality is raw data capture on-demand makes sense when it is required, as a complement to live forensic analysis so business processes continue and users keep working. Once a threat is detected, then logs, events and processes can quickly map timelines and provide playback analysis. However, the primary question remains open… what type of data improves detection for continuous and discrete analysis?

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Threat Detection Across the Entire Kill Chain

Most security tools focus on specific detection techniques to address specific threat types, but Fidelis leverages more than 20 different detection methods, including endpoint and asset terrain; deep session and deep packet inspection; sandboxing; malware detection; metadata analytics; threat intelligence; deception defenses; live forensics of file folders; memory or entire disk captures; first-time seen file executables and scripts and more… making it that much harder for attackers to evade.

Network Sensors

Full network visibility with cloud, gateway, internal, email and web sensors that detect threats and data loss across all ports and protocols

Endpoint Agents

For Windows, Mac and Linux systems, detecting all endpoint activity and processes

Deception Decoys

Detect threats inside your network moving laterally and gain visibility of assets where you cannot deploy an agent

When it Comes to Advanced Threat Detection, the Secret Sauce is in the Metadata

Metadata is the answer for improved detection being indexed, light weight, cost effective to store, and it provides retrospective analysis for new threat intelligence feeds. Metadata also enables continuous real-time detection analysis across hundreds of attributes and custom tags with network sensors and endpoints. If you are not building a solid baseline of metadata, your detection capabilities will be limited.

What Experts Are Saying

“Fidelis Deception is one of the most advanced and mature deception platforms that CSO has evaluated… In a world where hackers are learning to expect decoys around every corner, Fidelis has still found a way to deploy an irresistible network of deceptive assets that stand ready to protect the real thing.”
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“One of our favorite takeaways from using a platform such as Fidelis Elevate was being able to exercise the concept of holistic visibility, meaning the environment is ingested, analyzed and treated as a single unit. Holistic visibility allows for threats to be analyzed and neutralized faster,...
Matt Bromiley, Analyst
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“We found that Fidelis Endpoint offers organizations a robust capability for gaining high level insights into the state of their various endpoints, while also offering drilldowns into key granular details that are crucial for effective detection and response. But perhaps our biggest highlight,...
Matt Bromiley, Analyst
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Detect Advanced Threats with Speed, Accuracy and Clarity

Fidelis Elevate gives you the necessary visibility to detect and respond to threats and data theft across your entire enterprise environment.