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Fidelis Challenge

Fidelis Challenge

Introducing the Fidelis Challenge

At Fidelis, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in proactive cybersecurity. We firmly believe that no one sees what we see, and now, we’re ready to back that claim with the Fidelis Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

Put Fidelis Elevate to the Test

For a full 30 days, integrate Fidelis Elevate into your enterprise environment. Let us demonstrate the unparalleled threat detection capabilities that set us apart.

Our Guarantee

We’re confident that during this trial, we will uncover threats that your current security provider has never even detected. It’s a testament to the advanced nature of our solutions.

Our Promise to You

If, against all odds, we don’t meet this promise, we are prepared to take action. We will pay you $50,000 in acknowledgment of our commitment to your security.

Making a Difference

Alternatively, we’re ready to put our funds to a different kind of cause and will donate $50,000 to a children’s charity of your choice if we don’t live up to our guarantee.

 The Fidelis Challenge is more than a test; it’s a testament to our confidence and dedication to your security. Are you ready to take us up on it? Join the challenge, and let’s prove that we see what others don’t.

About Fidelis Elevate:

Fidelis Elevate combines powerful Network, Endpoint, and Deception technologies to provide the best combination of forensics, heuristics, signature, and alerting tools on the market. Fidelis ensures network attack detection, prevents data loss, and responds to threats against the enterprise in real-time. Fidelis’ singularly unique Active Directory Intercept™, Active Threat Detection™, and patented Deep Session Inspection™ provide unmatched visibility, detection, investigation, and response before and throughout attacks, along with the intelligence cyber defenders need to continually improve cyber defense – no matter what comes next

Disclaimer: This challenge is exclusively open to non-current Fidelis Security customers. Furthermore, Fidelis employees and their spouses are not eligible to participate in this challenge.

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