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New Research Report: Transformation Of Security Operations Is Top Of Mind for 2018

This report, conducted by SC Media and sponsored Fidelis asked security leaders, decision makers and influencers what they were most concerned about, what their C-Suite was most concerned about, and what they’re doing (or planning to do) about it. As we start off 2018 it is clear that cybersecurity is ripe for transformation. The focus has shifted away from tactical technologies that provide more proverbial fingers in the dam and towards a strategic approach that focuses on delivering quantifiable improvement to the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations.

  • See what executives and boards of directors care most about.
  • See the top obstacles, gaps and concerns faced by security leaders.
  • See where we are on the road to cyber maturity, as reported by your peers.
  • See when security professionals prefer tactical approaches and when they prefer strategic plans.

This report is available for free from SC Media

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