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Fidelis Announces First of its Kind Platform Enhancements

Today we are thrilled to announce an upcoming Fidelis Elevate release which will see the platform become the first of its kind to enable organizations to not only calculate their vulnerable attack surface, but also respond effectively to these insights to build a robust defense.

Fidelis Elevate’s updated capabilities will be generally available to Fidelis customers on March 29th and will include major innovations across the Fidelis Network, Endpoint and Deception offerings which will together address the challenges that security professionals often face when hunting for threats via traditional logs, events and alerts.

Our CEO, Nick Lantuh has found that many CISOs cite several interlinked challenges including improving visibility of their hybrid environments, dealing with false positives, and reducing the number of security tools in their stack that cause blind spots. Lantuh explains, “Collecting logs, events, and alerts actually slows their ability to detect, hunt, and respond properly. Instead, organizations need rich, indexable metadata that provides the necessary content and context for deep visibility, an understanding of their cyber terrain, and the ability to rapidly and accurately respond. Ultimately if you don’t know your terrain, then you don’t know what to defend…and if you don’t know what to defend, then there is no way for you to ensure a robust defense.”

The deep integrations and feature enrichments that are part of the release have stemmed directly from these challenges. When the three Fidelis products are used together to form the Elevate platform, users will have the ability to continuously discover, classify, and assess assets, including laptops, desktops, servers, enterprise IoT, shadow IT, and legacy systems. Fidelis Endpoint discovers all software installed on these assets, while continually running vulnerability assessments and alerting on any installed vulnerability. Fidelis Network maps all communications surrounding each device to visualize potential attack paths between assets. These newly integrated capabilities combined with rich meta data provide security professionals with the visibility and context needed to take action reducing their organization’s attack surface and effectively protect vulnerable assets.

The release will also cement our position as a leader in emerging deception technology as it will see Fidelis offer the widest range of decoys available from any single vendor on the market as well as be the first vendor to offer a network security platform that is fully integrated with a fully functional deception offering.  With this expansion, we can now provide a full range of deception layers, including solutions for organizations that desire a safe and smart deception alarm system, as well as researchers who desire to learn TTPs and analyze code for attribution and mitigation from real OS VM decoys.

With the latest release of Fidelis Elevate, we’ll be providing our customers with a holistic security ecosystem which will provide visibility across the entire environment, with the metadata to support extremely sophisticated threat hunting, detection and response capabilities. To find out more about our new innovations, check out the full press release here.

Interested in finding out more about the notion of cyber terrain and using it to build a robust defense strategy? Check out our recent blog post.

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