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Careers in Cybersecurity: Cameron Mancini

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Spotlight: Cameron Mancini, Senior Manager, Sales and Support Operations

When thinking about cybersecurity, what comes to mind for you? Viruses? Ransomware? Phishing? Us too, along with the new threats that emerge daily.

The cybersecurity world is one of many roles and responsibilities that come together to keep the digital world safer from cyber threats. Professionals in threat research, threat detection, incident response, and software development play pivotal roles in the development of cybersecurity solutions. And so does sales, HR, services and support, marketing, the executive suite, and more. In other words, no matter your passion, there are many ways you might see yourself in a cybersecurity career.

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I’m interviewing a few Fidelis Cybersecurity professionals about their chosen paths and what keeps them passionate in the fight against cyber adversaries.

Meet Cameron Mancini, Senior Manager, Sales and Support Operations

Shanan Winters: How or why did you start working in cybersecurity?

Cameron Mancini: After spending the first six years of my professional career in the hospitality industry, cybersecurity had captured my intrigue. The constant growth of the field and the increasing need for data protection led me toward the field. Being offered the job as an Admin at Fidelis Cybersecurity was my gateway into being able to learn everything I could about cybersecurity. From being an Admin, I went on to become part of the Support Operations Team, where I was able to understand and work very closely with our products and to see in action “What we do.” I have been in this field for three years now, and honestly can’t imagine leaving it.

SW: What excites you about cybersecurity?

CM: The most exciting part about cybersecurity for me is not only how empowered large companies have become when protecting their data, but how empowered we as individuals have become, in protecting our own data and information as well. I have the ability to be the first line of defense when guarding my own information, which provides such a personal feeling of security.

SW: What advice would you have for someone considering working in the field?

CM: For someone considering working in this field, my advice would be for them to take their time and learn about the basic goals and objectives of cybersecurity. From there, dive deeper into the various layers of cybersecurity to figure out what facet of the field they are most passionate about. Under the cybersecurity umbrella. There are so many different concentrations that directly and indirectly work alongside each other. They should figure out what area of cybersecurity they are passionate about and lean into that!

SW: What do you love about working at Fidelis Cybersecurity?

CM: First and foremost, I love the people! There are folks that are still here from when I joined the Fidelis team three years ago. Some have left, and some have left and returned. The people at this company are why I enjoy what I do so much. The team believes in the product, and really cares about our customers and their success with Fidelis Cybersecurity. This company has become a place where I feel like I can continue my growth and education in Cybersecurity. I have worked in Administration, Support Operations, and now Sales Operations here, and have learned so much through each role. Not only about our products, but also the daily operations and expectations for the company. I have also experienced extensive career growth here at Fidelis Cybersecurity. I have always felt supported and encouraged by the team.

SW: What is something you want everyone to know about a cybersecurity career?

CM: You will never stop learning. Cybersecurity is such an innovative field and is ever-changing. Starting at Fidelis Cybersecurity as an Admin, with very little knowledge of the field, I had my work cut out for me. Everything that I had learned as an admin allowed me to propel into my role in Support Operations – which had the same effect when I recently transitioned to Sales Operations. Understand the ‘big picture’ and then spend some quality time understanding the objectives and value of all the moving pieces. Even after two years in my Support role, I was still learning new tips about how to best support our products and customers. Lastly, you will need to enjoy problem-solving and be able to find solutions.

SW: What advice do you share with just about anyone when it comes to their personal cybersecurity?

CM: I would suggest leaving as minimal of a digital footprint as possible. This is much easier said than done! The joke that “It’s not official unless it is on Facebook” is not totally a joke. I am always very cautious about what I post on social media – from photos to content, to location tagging. I avoid posting anything that could contain any personal information, or provide a pattern of my behavior (i.e., vacations I take, restaurants I frequent, friends I see regularly, etc.) Anything you can do to reduce your digital footprint is a start.

Also, I am still ‘old school’ in certain ways. Whether it is my use of online banking or online recurring auto-payments for bills, I am careful about leaving my credit card information on certain databases, however convenient it may be. There are still bills I pay where I do not have a credit card or any PII saved to the vendor’s database, and I will manually enter my information to pay a bill instead of letting it sit in their database for a month until my next bill is due. Like I said, easier said than done! It is very easy to place an order from a retailer on your phone, and when a pop-up shows up asking if you want to save your card information for your next purchase, the draw to do so is extremely enticing. While in our busy lives this seems like something very convenient – your card information and personal information is now saved to yet another database. Perhaps one that you truly don’t even use very much and may forget about. So, my advice would be to limit the number of databases that you save/store your information on.

Lastly, make sure that your mobile device is password protected, and enable multi-step verification access on applications that you use regularly.

Looking for an Exciting Career in Cybersecurity?

We are goal-obsessed, optimistic, and relentless in our pursuit against cyber adversaries. We celebrate individuality and encourage our team to evolve and grow. If this sounds like the culture for you, check out our current openings on the Fidelis Cybersecurity careers page.

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