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Careers in Cybersecurity: Doron Kolton

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Spotlight: Doron Kolton, Senior Product Manager and CTO for Fidelis Deception 

When thinking about cybersecurity, what comes to mind for you? Viruses? Ransomware? Phishing? Us too, along with the new threats that emerge daily.  

The cybersecurity world is one of many roles and responsibilities that come together to keep the digital world safer from cyber threats. Professionals in threat research, threat detection, incident response, and software development play pivotal roles in the development of cybersecurity solutions. And so does sales, HR, services and support, marketing, the executive suite, and more. In other words, no matter your passion, there are many ways you might see yourself in a cybersecurity career.  

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I’m interviewing a few Fidelis Cybersecurity professionals about their chosen paths and what keeps them passionate in the fight against cyber adversaries.  

Meet Doron Kolton, Senior Product Manager and CTO for Fidelis Deception  


Shanan Winters: How or why did you start working in cybersecurity?  

Doron Kolton: I worked for many years in the semiconductor industry and wanted to make a significant change. I was always interested in the cybersecurity arena and decided to make a switch. 

SW: What excites you about cybersecurity?  

DK: Cybersecurity, in contrast to semiconductor, is not binary. It involves many domains, including technology, people, processes, and psychology. 

The IT and OT infrastructures are moving targets, and you have to learn new technologies constantly. Then you factor in cyber adversaries. They continually create new methods of attack. Whichever domain you’re in, cybersecurity is a field that requires ongoing skills development, and that keeps it interesting and exciting. 

SW: What advice would you have for someone considering working in the field?  

DK: First, gain a broad understanding of cybersecurity basics, and then find a domain that interests you as a starting point. The cybersecurity space is huge, and you, alone, cannot cover it all. Choose an area that excites you, whether it’s threat analysis and response, vulnerability management, cloud security, Identity management, Endpoint protection … there are so many options… Start developing your deeper skills from there, knowing that you can make an impact in your chosen domain while continually learning how all the pieces fit together. Remember: you can always change domains later on in your career! Once you gain a foothold in the industry, you’ll have many paths you can choose, and all are equally important.  

SW: What do you love about working at Fidelis Cybersecurity?  

DK: It is a great team that builds solid solutions—but these products are never “done.” Each platform, product, or cloud service is extremely sophisticated and capable in its current state. Yet, because of the nature of cybersecurity, we have teams working together to continually explore and develop features and tools that stay ahead of our customer’s needs. At Fidelis Cybersecurity, new ideas are always welcome, and people can progress and advance their careers. 

SW: What is something you want everyone to know about a cybersecurity career?  

DK: There are endless interests and opportunities, and you’ll always have a challenge to overcome and problems to solve. 

SW: What advice do you share with just about anyone when it comes to their personal cybersecurity?  

DK: Be cautious. Digital adversaries are everywhere. Anything you upload to the internet is no longer under your control—especially on social media. No matter how secure you make your profiles, or how tech-savvy you are, adversaries can find their way in. 

Looking for an Exciting Career in Cybersecurity? 

We are goal-obsessed, optimistic, and relentless in our pursuit against cyber adversaries. We celebrate individuality and encourage our team to evolve and grow. If this sounds like the culture for you, check out our current openings on the Fidelis Cybersecurity careers page.