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Where Are Your Attackers Hiding? Exposing Encrypted Threats Using Fidelis Decryption

The use of network encryption is widespread with over 80% of internet traffic secured over https using TLS (Transport Layer Security). While encryption enables much-needed data privacy and integrity, it also creates blind spots allowing malware and trojans to bypass security controls and provides an encrypted tunnel to circumvent advanced counter threat measures put in place. To help detect, hunt and respond to these threats, we’ve launched Fidelis Decryption, a high-performance TLS visibility component of the Fidelis Elevate XDR platform, and we’ll be providing a live demo on May 13th at 1 pm ET to showcase its capabilities. In this blog, we’ll discuss how attackers are taking advantage of your blind spots in your organization’s TLS sessions and how Fidelis Decryption™ can detect those threats.

How are attackers using encryption to steal your data?

Encryption (SSL, now TLS) is a protocol that creates and enables secure connectivity for application sessions, such as financial transactions or submission of personally identifiable information. While encryption is private and usually trusted, it is not secure and can create blind spots where attackers can hide. Cyber criminals take advantage of this and use forged or compromised keys and certificates to steal valuable data in an organization’s network, including customer information, financials or trade secrets and knowledge.

What should be your solution?

When possible, it is highly beneficial to decrypt your company’s TLS traffic to ensure there are no attackers lurking in your metadata. Decryption allows bi-directional inspection of traffic, captures metadata on the HTTPS session and inspects certificates to ensure they are valid.

The Fidelis TLS Decryption appliance provides Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) decryption of TLS traffic to expose application protocol traffic and content to the enterprise security team for threat detection and response. Decrypting traffic increases ROI on existing security investments. Fidelis Decryption is the only solution that, when deployed with the award-winning Fidelis Network®, can extract the TLS session metadata as well as the decrypted application protocol and content. This additional visibility extends to the Fidelis Elevate® XDR platform to detect and respond to even encrypted threats.

Curious to see some of the key benefits of Fidelis Decryption in action? Our Senior Network Product Manager, Ram Krishnamurthy, will be presenting a live demo on May 13th at 1 pm ET. Some of the key benefits that’ll you see in the demo is the ability to gain visibility into encrypted traffic, access comprehensive protocol and cipher support, install flexible deployment modes, ensure granular policy and security compliance and easy to use management, administration and maintenance of the appliance.

Register now for our live demo: How to Expose Encrypted Threats on May 13th at 1 pm ET. Can’t make it? Download our FREE data sheet or contact us for more information.

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