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Ingrid Kambe
Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing

As Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing, Ingrid Kambe is responsible for global marketing, and product strategy and execution at Fidelis Cybersecurity. Her team helps bring cloud, XDR, network,... Read More


How SMART is Your Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity professionals play a critical role in keeping data and information safe. You safeguard your organization, customers, and employees by protecting data and assets from a nearly continuous onslaught of cyber-attacks. There are so many tools and platforms on the market, and most organizations use several throughout their environments. But how do you know if the tools you have in place aren’t leaving gaps and blind spots? If there is even one crack in your armor, cyber adversaries will find it and drive their weapons in where it hurts the most. Once inside, they can hide, dwell, and do significant damage to your organization.

So how do you know you’re employing the right tools and strategies that harden your environments against attacks? Here is a tool you can use to evaluate just how SMART your security tools are, and how effective they are in aiding your fight against cyber adversaries.


See SMART Cyber Safety into Action

Do you truly know what’s going on inside your network? It’s time to understand the traffic crossing your network by looking more broadly and digging deeper. Watch the webinar replay of “What’s Lurking on Your Network,” where Jerry Mancini, COO of Fidelis Cybersecurity, demonstrates how Fidelis Elevate expands visibility with context based on machine learning, telemetry and more. You’ll learn how the right context, speed and accuracy will enable you to find and truly understand threats that may be lurking on your network so you can employ SMART cyber safety. Most importantly, you’ll see how you can neutralize threats before they hurt your organization.

Watch the webinar replay.

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