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New! Python SDK for Halo

CloudPassage today announced the release of the Python SDK for Halo. The release includes tools, libraries, documentation and sample code to allow for fast, easy integration of Halo with other applications and tools.

We’re excited to make this available to our users and look forward to their creative uses of the SDK going forward. The SDK allows our customers to accelerate the integration of Halo’s security automation into their day-to-day security workflows.

The release of the SDK makes it easier for a user who’s maybe not a “Pythonista”, but nevertheless a practitioner or adherent of DevSecOps, to quickly get started with a small amount of information and begin leveraging Halo’s API with a few lines of code.

The Python SDK for Halo was written with minimal requirements, but there are a few — specifically:

  • You need Python v2.7
  • The Python packages:
    • requests
    • pyaml

You can get access to the Python SDK from the Tools menu option in the Halo portal. The Tools option will take you to the CloudPassage Toolbox page where you’ll want to click on Integration Tools to find the CloudPassage Halo Python SDK. You can also find it listed on Github.

One of the main benefits provided by the SDK is that it helps hide the more tedious work you’d otherwise have to do yourself when setting up and managing connections to the API. Examples are authentication, security token renewal and paginating the JSON objects that are returned by the API calls. We have standardized on using the Python SDK in supplemental tools like the Halo Event Connector too, so we’ve been putting it through it’s paces ourselves.

With a simple import cloudpassage and knowledge of your Halo API key and secret you can easily print a list of all the servers in your account with their name and ID:

import cloudpassage python sdk

This example takes advantage of the wrappers provided around the API endpoints in the SDK but there are still powerful helper classes in the SDK that can make it easy to slice and dice the information you’re requesting through the API. You can read more about the API when you navigate to the Documentation Library in the Halo portal.

We hope, as a Halo customer, you’ll be inspired and empowered to use Halo’s API with the new Python SDK to tailor Halo to your security and compliance needs.

Further documentation for the installation, use, and features of the Halo SDK is available here.

For more details of the Python SDK announcement for CloudPassage Halo, read the full press release here.

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