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Get the 2022 AWS Cloud Security Report

Cloud security is a critical component of nearly every business. This year’s 2022 AWS Cloud Security Report shows that 99% of organizations employ cloud resources, with 87% using two or more cloud providers. As cloud footprints expand, gaps in cloud security—and in employee skills and understanding across a proliferation of security dashboards—increase the risk of costly cyber-attacks. Organizations are looking for unified cybersecurity platforms that reduce complexity and automate compliance while improving visibility and control.

This year’s 2022 AWS Cloud Security Report, produced by Cybersecurity Insiders and sponsored by Fidelis Cybersecurity, reveals how organizations that use AWS are adapting to evolving cloud security threats and reducing operational complexity with new security strategies. It also shows the types of tools and best practices cybersecurity leaders prioritize as their cloud infrastructures evolve.

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Multi-cloud Environments are the New Normal

With 87% of AWS user organizations now diversified to two or more cloud providers, InfoSec and DevOps teams face new security challenges. Even organizations that rate themselves as having mature cloud strategies share concerns over public cloud security.


The AWS Cloud Security Report shines a light on the critical challenges faced by multi-cloud organizations at all operational maturity levels, and how they are adapting to stay ahead of threats.

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Cloud Provider Security Tools Lead to Complexity – And Gaps

Leading cloud providers offer integrated security solutions that cover the customer portion of shared responsibility. Many organizations in this year’s AWS Cloud Security Report state that they have used those tools with some success. However, as multi-cloud environments grow, organizations reflect on the increase in complexity and difficulty providing uniform coverage with provider-specific tools.

With 67% of organizations using between three to 6 different dashboards, InfoSec teams are actively seeking alternatives that provide unified coverage with fewer management touch points. Download the report to get the latest details around the biggest operational, day-to-day headaches introduced by multi-cloud security, and how organizations plan to solve those challenges over the next year.

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A Look into Critical Capabilities for Cloud Security

With more focus on finding a single cloud security platform that unifies compliance and controls across all cloud providers, organizations surveyed in the report:

  • Identify their main drivers for change (and it’s not all about cost!)
  • Reveal their plans for deploying new security solutions over the next twelve months
  • Illuminate their main considerations when selecting a new cloud security vendor

Those surveyed in the report also discuss security controls that would increase their confidence in public cloud adoption. These insights provide a practical list of the critical capabilities that are required for securing mature multi-cloud installments.

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About the 2022 AWS Cloud Security Report

For the third year, the Fidelis CloudPassage team worked with Cybersecurity Insiders to produce the annual AWS Cloud Security Report. This year’s installment is based on the results of a comprehensive online survey of 578 cybersecurity professionals, conducted in June 2022, providing deep insight into the latest trends, key challenges, and solutions for cloud protection. The respondents range from technical executives to managers and IT security practitioners, representing a balanced cross-section of organizations of varying sizes across multiple industries.

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Unified Cloud Security That is Made for Multi-Cloud

Safeguard your cloud infrastructure and keep up with the cloud-speed of digital transformation. Fidelis CloudPassage Halo® is a comprehensive cloud security platform that unifies and automates cybersecurity and maintains continuous compliance across IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers. This fast, scalable, and cost-effective platform integrates directly into cloud environments to work seamlessly across any mix of public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Fidelis Halo provides layers of protection that close gaps, accelerate security deployment, and increase visibility and control no matter which cloud service providers you use, while extending the same protections to your on-premises servers and virtual environments.