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CloudPassage demonstrates compliance with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) best practices

We’re excited to announce that CloudPassage is now listed on CSA’s Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR) with a Level 1 certification.

According to CSA, “STAR is a publicly available registry that details the security controls, assurance requirements, and maturity levels of various cloud computing services. Our Level 1 self-assessment documents how our security practices map to the CSA’s best practices and industry-accepted standards.”

Being a certified member of CSA’s STAR program further ensures our customers that the Halo platform adheres to the highest level of security best practices recognized by industry experts.

In order to demonstrate compliance, our internal security experts answered a series of detailed questions about the company and about our product, Halo — an on-demand, automated server security platform that works in any infrastructure, at any scale.

In CSA’s extensive questionnaire, we answered almost 300 questions, covering the ins and outs of Halo and its compliance with CSA best practices. Some of the topics included:

  •      Application and interface security
  •      Audit assurance and compliance
  •      Change control and configuration
  •      Data security and information lifecycle management
  •      Datacenter security
  •      Encryption and key management
  •      Governance and risk management
  •      Identity and access management
  •      Infrastructure and visualization security
  •      Threat and vulnerability management

To learn more about the CloudPassage STAR listing and to download our full questionnaire, click here.

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