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We’re Going Native: Introducing the Azure Virtual Network TAP

This week at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft called cybersecurity the “central challenge of the digital age,” and drew attention to the fact that organizations are spending valuable time and shifting “resources away from their core business mission to defend against, and recover from, cyberattacks.” Companies “operate dozens of complex, disconnected [security] tools. Yet the gaps between those tools remain and threats get through,” Microsoft explained.

In fact, last year it was reported that on average, Microsoft’s cloud systems weathered 1.5 million hack attempts each day. We all know organizations are continuing to migrate their applications to the cloud but security visibility for cloud-based applications has drastically lagged behind. Up until now, the only way organizations could conduct cloud network traffic analysis was with the use of agents within VMs.  The agents were an added expense and were often unable to route cloud network traffic at the speeds required by powerful network traffic analysis (NTA) products.

During Ignite, Microsoft shared a number of ways that the organization intends to “tip the scales in the cyberwar,” one of these ways was noted as “broad cybersecurity partnerships for a heterogeneous world.” And drum roll please…because this week, Fidelis is pleased to announce that it is part of one of these partnerships and jointly announced with Microsoft, the development of a high-speed Azure-based virtual network TAP.

This is the first native virtual network TAP to be made available from a public cloud vendor and we’re pretty excited about it. It enables the continuous mirroring of virtual machine network cloud traffic without the use of agents and directs traffic straight to Fidelis Network Sensors also VM based through virtual networking (VNETs)

What does this mean for customers?  Well, with the virtual TAP available and the Fidelis Network Sensors fully approved and integrated, Fidelis customers are now able to achieve native cloud security monitoring for Microsoft Azure VM applications. The Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAP allows Fidelis customers with Fidelis Network to quickly deploy cloud network traffic analysis for north-south and east-west communications of cloud VMs. Thanks to the ability of having gigabits per second of cloud network VM traffic delivered to our network sensors without restriction, we are able to provide our customers with a solution that extends deep visibility and security monitoring of cloud apps, workloads and databases. The solution also provides a monitoring boundary between VNETs for Fidelis Network sensors deployed in Azure VMs and customer VM-based applications and workloads.

The Azure Virtual Network TAP is a great solution for organizations who are migrating apps, workloads and databases to Azure VMs or if you have invested in the Azure Virtual Network TAP for security, APM and other uses.

Find out more about Fidelis Network with Azure Virtual Network TAP by visiting our landing page or reading the datasheet.

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