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Halo Wins 5-Star Rating from SC Magazine

CloudPassage is proud to announce that its Halo security platform was honored by SC Magazine with a 5-Star Rating (out of five stars) in its latest SC Labs product review.

CloudPassage Halo won perfect 5-Star Ratings in all categories: Features, Documentation, Value, Performance, Support, and Ease of Use, and was noted by Matthew Hreben, SC Labs, as “a useful tool for large infrastructures because it allows for some automation without infringing upon flexibility” and described, “as a robust scalable product that can be implemented in almost any type of environment.”

Halo is an automated public cloud infrastructure security solution that delivers comprehensive visibility, protection, and continuous compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking, and identity services to reduce cyber risk. Unlike point solutions that provide limited coverage for public cloud infrastructure, Halo finds critical risks other tools with its outside-in and inside-out security visibility of both the control plane and compute plane.

Hreben also added that “Halo’s automation makes it scale with security from tens to tens-of-thousands of workloads transparently to reduce manual effort and that the built-in model offers zero friction once SaaS is established with dozens of points where security can be instrumented.”

Learn more about how CloudPassage Halo can provide automated security visibility to reduce risk in public cloud environments.


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