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CloudPassage Halo: What’s new in the latest update?

A few weeks ago, we released the latest update to our award-winning Halo platform. The update includes several enhancements including a new filtering feature in the portal user interface, visual and functional improvements to the Traffic Discovery feature, improved server lifecycle management, and a few other updates and enhancements.

Highlights from the update include:


Improved filtering for display views makes it easier to organize Issues, Scans, Servers, Alerts, Policies and Connections (if you have that feature enabled). You can now interactively create new filters by clicking the filter box and selecting the attributes and values that apply to the dataset you’re viewing. Wherever applicable, drop-downs and hints will automatically appear to help you build the filter quickly.

Traffic Discovery

There are over 10 visual and functional changes that affect the Traffic Discovery module but some with the most immediate impact are:

  • Visualization improvements when viewing large numbers of connections through dynamic graph and font sizing
  • New “Direction” column helps indicate inbound & outbound connection behaviorr38_1
  • New quick filter in the visualization view lets you easily see your inbound or outbound firewall connections


Server Lifecycle Management

This release has implemented the ability to automatically retire deactivated servers as a user’s workloads grow more numerous (and possibly transitory). This helps reduce the clutter in the portal. Existing customers will need to choose a timeframe (from hours to days) for when the deactivated servers should be retired.


For a longer list of enhancements and for more details about what was included in this update, please view the full Release Notes.

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