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CloudPassage Response to COVID-19

At CloudPassage we’re keenly aware of the disruption and stress being caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and related quarantine orders. We’re seeing impact across our ecosystem of customers, teams, and other stakeholders worldwide. Communication is critical in situations like this, and this article shares how CloudPassage is responding.

CloudPassage’s COVID-19 response strategy is focused on two critical priorities:

  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of our team, customers, and partners
  • Ensuring our cloud security services operate without impact

CloudPassage has a standing pandemic plan that implements this strategy. Elements of that plan have been activated in response to team needs and in line with guidance from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These elements include eliminating all travel, postponing events, validating pandemic plans of key partners, and adoption of a work-from-home strategy globally.

A significant portion of our workforce already operates remotely, so operational impact has been minimal. The CloudPassage team continues to deliver the level of support our customers need to protect their most critical cloud systems. Customers and partners should see no change in service or operations and can submit questions through the Halo Portal as always.

Our commitment to innovation and product improvement is also unimpacted. Several key container security features were released just this week, and the development of the Halo platform roadmap continues. We’re increasing our existing use of video and teleconference technologies whenever possible to continue to foster our strong culture of teamwork and collaboration.

With public gatherings being limited to small groups or being canceled entirely, we are developing plans to establish a series of live and online hosted and sponsored events to remain connected with our customers and partners.

We’re well aware that attackers aren’t stopping and business must continue in this environment (and in some cases, both are accelerating). We remain focused on supporting our customers while striving to assure team health and safety. 

Communication during these times is critical. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any CloudPassage representative or to with questions or concerns.

Thank you, and good luck during these trying times.


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Carson Sweet
Chief Executive Officer