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Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Shanan Winters is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for cloud security solutions at Fidelis Cybersecurity. She has avid interests in geek topics and fandoms, parenting, and technology. She loves the outdoors,... Read More


Cybersecurity Awareness Month Spotlight: Amol Sarwate, VP Threat Research

When thinking about cybersecurity, what comes to mind? Hacking? Malware? Suspicious emails? All those topics are valid, but there are also many other roles in the field of cybersecurity who help keep us safe from those threats. 

Software development, sales, threat researching, HR, services and support, marketing, the executive suite – no matter your passion, there are many ways to apply your skills for a career in cybersecurity. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I’m interviewing a few people about their career paths and what keeps them passionate in the fight against cyber adversaries. 

Meet Amol Sarwate, VP Threat Research

Shanan Winters: How or why did you start working in cybersecurity? 

Amol Sarwate: As a computer science student in early 90s, OS internals and networking were two of my favorite subjects. I also loved implementing harmless computer pranks. I was immediately attracted to cybersecurity, as it was a way to legitimize the love for hacking and combine it with the knowledge of networking and OS internals.  

SW: What excites you about cybersecurity? 

AS: Cybersecurity offers endless opportunities to learn and ability to solve puzzles. There is new technology around every corner and it’s exciting to make real world impact. 

SW: What advice would you have for someone considering working in the field? 

AS: Self-learning and hands-on experience will be your best friends. Be hungry for knowledge and follow your passion. 

SW: What do you love about working at Fidelis Cybersecurity? 

AS: What I love most about Fidelis Cybersecurity is the innovation, creativity, and the opportunity to work with excellent people. The atmosphere here is fun and rewarding, with open collaboration. Everyone has a voice. The company culture and values align with my personal beliefs.  

SW: What is something you want everyone to know about a cybersecurity career? 

AS: Cybersecurity is very big field with enormous career opportunities in various disciplines. Change is inevitable in this industry and it’s a lifelong learning process with great rewards. 

SW: What advice do you share with just about anyone when it comes to their personal cybersecurity? 

AS: Familiarize yourself with social engineering and read few personal cyber hygiene articles like  

Looking for an Exciting Career in Cybersecurity?

We are goal-obsessed, optimistic, and relentless in our pursuit against cyber adversaries. We celebrate individuality and encourage our team to evolve and grow. If this sounds like the culture for you, check out our current openings on the Fidelis Cybersecurity careers page.

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