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Black Hat 2016: Viva Las Vegas with Fidelis Cybersecurity

We’re counting down the last few days to Black Hat USA 2016. As you pack your suitcase and map out your schedule, plan on joining a meetup, seeing a demo or hitting us up for swag at the Fidelis Networking Lounge (aka Booth #1116). We can’t promise unicorns and narwhals, but we will have cool t-shirts, pinball and comfy chairs.

Here’s a quick rundown on where you can find us:

TECHNOLOGY & FREEWARE: At Black Hat, we’re debuting no-cost tools to help the security community stop attacks and prevent data theft. New resources include the Barncat Intelligence Database, the ThreatScannertool for finding malware residing on an endpoint, and CCNumberFinder to support PCI DSS compliance. While you’re there, you can also check out the latest updates with Fidelis Network® and Fidelis Endpoint™. And, be sure to pick up a limited edition shirt – get ‘em while they last.

WHEN: Wednesday, 8/3, 10:00am – 7:00pm & Thursday, 8/4, 10:00am – 5:00pm
WHERE: Fidelis Network Lounge (Booth #1116) during expo hours.

BLACK HAT ARSENAL TECH DEMO: Learn more about Fidelis ThreatScanner™, a command-line tool that uses IOCs or YARA rules to hunt for threats on a single machine and automatically generate a report with details of the suspicious artifacts. Learn more.
WHEN: Wednesday, 8/3, 2:00 – 3:50pm
WHERE: Arsenal, Palm Foyer, Level 3, Station 9

FIDELIS PRESENTS: Fidelis CSO Justin Harvey (@jbharvey) explains ten remarkable things you can do when you have the right historical metadata during his talk on entitled “Ten Impossible Things You Can Do with the Right Metadata” on the Business Hall Floor. Learn more.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 3, 4:10 – 4:55pm WHERE: Business Hall Theater B

FIDELIS MEETUPS @ Booth #1116: We’re hosting a series of meetups. Whether you’re a security ninja, reverse engineer, director of information security or malware analyst, this is a chance to participate in an all-things-cybersecurity idea exchange. Stop by and share your thoughts and experiences with other industry professionals or kick back and listen to the latest and greatest from the community.

MEETUP: 72 Hours Later – Moderated by: Ryan Vela
DESCRIPTION: Ugh, breached! How do you handle what’s rarely black and white? How do you cope with the aftermath? And zombies!  Did we mention zombies?
WHEN: Wednesday, 8/3 at 1:00pm

MEETUP: Talk Metadata with Me – Moderated by Justin Harvey (@jbharvey)
DESCRIPTION: Ever wondered what deep dark secrets your network and endpoints are harboring? If they could talk metadata to you, what could you do with that information?
WHEN: Wednesday, 8/3 at 5:30pm

MEETUP: Intel vs. Indicators – Moderated by John Bambenek (@bambenek) & Hardik Modi (@hardikmodi)
DESCRIPTION: It’s an alert smack down! In this corner we have intel, in the other corner we have indicators; Bring your best luche libre mask and discover how you can build and leverage intel to win the battle.
WHEN: Thursday, 8/4 at 12:30pm

MEETUP: Inside Out – The Anatomy of an Attacker Moderated by Steve Bongardt (@stevebongardt)
DESCRIPTION: Ever wondered what motivates an attacker?  What signs/signals would you look for? Ever wondered about your own tendencies?
WHEN: Thursday, 8/4 at 2:00pm

See you in Vegas!

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