Natively Extend your Network Security to Amazon Web Services

Applications and workloads are continuing to migrate to the cloud but network security visibility for cloud-based applications has not kept the same pace. This expanded attack surface gives attackers more cyber terrain to exploit, making cloud network traffic analysis critical for threat detection and hunting, as well as for detecting data loss. Previously, this required the use of agents or other third-party solutions as there was no reliable native high-speed mirroring capability available from the underlying fabric to feed the inspection and analysis solutions like Fidelis Network.

Fidelis Network, a component of the Fidelis Elevate platform, is integrated with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) traffic mirroring, enabling Fidelis customers to quickly deploy cloud network traffic analysis for north-south and east-west communications of EC2 instances.

Detect Threats and Data Loss in the Cloud

Fidelis Network provides unmatched network threat detection, threat hunting and data loss detection at high speeds for all ports and protocols without data sampling. Now you can extend the Deep Session Inspection (DSI) visibility, malware detection and analytics of Fidelis Network to cloud-based applications, workloads and databases in AWS.

Key Benefits


The Amazon VPC traffic mirroring integration with Fidelis provides visibility to AWS cloud application traffic for north-south communications and east-west traffic often between back end process workloads and databases.


The Amazon VPC traffic mirroring integration mirrors traffic between VPCs to cloud-based Fidelis Network sensors within its own VPC for analysis: no third-party agents or servers are required or reconfiguring of applications. The solution also provides a boundary between VPC for Fidelis Network sensors and customer applications and workloads.


Fidelis Network sensors can each analyze a Gbps or more of network traffic with no data sampling or packet drops, so every port and protocol is fully analyzed with Deep Session Inspection (DSI) for content and context.

Short for time?

Learn more about how the integrated solution of Fidelis Cybersecurity with the newly introduced AWS VPC traffic mirror can help organizations like yours achieve deeper visibility of network traffic from cloud workload and applications in AWS. Read the datasheet

Enterprise-wide Metadata of Content and Context for Real-time and Retrospective Analysis

Fidelis Network includes five sensor types for enterprise wide visibility across direct gateways, internal networks, cloud applications, email and web gateways. Analysis of traffic using patented Deep Session Inspection (DSI) technology includes over 300 metadata attributes with custom tags for real-time and retrospective analysis for threat detection, threat hunting and data loss or theft detection.

✓ Deep Session Inspection (DSI) of AWS cloud based communications
✓ Metadata for hundreds of attributes and custom tags, stored up to 360 days
✓ Cross session and multi-faceted analysis, plus machine learning anomaly detection
✓ Real-time and retrospective analysis for threat detecting, hunting and data loss/theft
✓ 1Gbps sensor analysis capacity with no data sampling or packet drops
✓ Expand to Fidelis Elevate with endpoint detection and response (EDR) and deception

Need Help Monitoring Your AWS Virtual Machines?

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