Secure Your Assets

Automatically manage vulnerabilities across the IT landscape.

Automate Vulnerability Management

Stay ahead of common vulnerabilities and exploit (CVE) threats and exposures in real-time with automated vulnerability management across IaaS, servers, and containerized environments.

The Challenge:

Adversaries rely on CVEs and zero-day threats for the execution of repeatable, dependable attacks. Even after patching systems, cyber adversaries find new ways to leverage existing CVEs, adapting popular, proven tools to create new opportunities for attack. Finding and stopping CVEs is a critical step toward mitigating risk.

  • CVEs represent successful, repeatable tactics for attacking organizations
  • New vulnerabilities emerge daily, sometimes multiple times per day
  • Tracking CVE criticality and exploitability is a full-time job, especially across complex, hybrid environments

Our Solution:

Fidelis Cybersecurity automates CVE tracking and management so you can find and stop vulnerabilities before they become exploited targets. Our threat research team relies on our proprietary Real-Time Vulnerability Alerting Engine to keep you ahead of highly seismic vulnerability exposures and misconfigurations across your networks and clouds.

  • Identify exposed assets, including zero-day and existing threats, and quickly remediate systems through manual or automated processes
  • Simplify risk management and end alert fatigue by suppressing vulnerability alerts for non-critical and end-of-life assets
  • Improve audit reporting by maintaining a single source of truth for CVE exposure, tracking, and remediation efforts

Why Now?

At any given time, there are thousands upon thousands of active vulnerabilities—some low risk, others critical. Attackers only need one exploitable vulnerability to do massive damage. In 2020, the industry experienced a 50% increase in attacks against critical vulnerabilities. Without real-time, automated vulnerability management, your organization remains at risk. Additionally, many regulatory compliance standards require CVE management as part of audit requirements.

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