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The Challenge:

Blind spots can be easily exploited

The rapid move to the cloud created complex, hybrid environments. Sensitive corporate data is now spread across devices, networks and clouds. IT environments are now comprised of layers of disparate tools and solutions. In short, digitization both expanded an adversaries’ potential attack surface and created blind spots that are easier to exploit. It is virtually impossible to protect what you can’t see.


Our Solution:

Know where data lives and how it moves

Gain a decisive advantage over adversaries by knowing exactly where data lives and how it moves. Fidelis helps you scale detection accuracy with contextual visibility and control across endpoints, networks and cloud traffic. We dig further. Our phenomenal depth of visibility and advanced cyber terrain mapping (within hours) means you can see more, stop more.

  • Bi-directional visibility provides real-time analysis of connections, flows, packets and metadata
  • Deep data and asset visibility removes hiding places for even the most advanced adversaries
  • A more proactive security posture helps you quickly detect threats and disrupt intrusions
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Why Now?

The stakes are high and getting higher

Sophisticated adversaries can wreak havoc on organizations in mere minutes. They leverage increasingly complex and distributed data environments to create new attack methods and escape detection longer – sometimes hiding undetected for months. Ponemon estimates that when it takes 3 months to contain an incident, it can cost ~$14 million. Improve your SOC effectiveness, gain a decisive advantage, and improve detection accuracy with visibility and control across even the deepest layers of the cyber environment.

Case Study

“We’re able to observe more – more aspects, more activities and more methods used during an attack. Thanks to Fidelis our security dramatically changed.”

Marek Laskowski, IT Director, DZP

Fidelis Elevate™ XDR

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