Maximize Visibility And Control

Safeguard your assets wherever they may be.

See More, Stop More

Quickly see every new asset, every changed configuration, and every deployed workload to stop noncompliance before it leads to an attack.

The Challenge:

Cloud assets move fast—too fast to keep track of manually. If your security solution can’t keep up, a misconfiguration or noncompliant cloud workload, service, or instance can throw the doors open for would-be attackers.

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud environments change constantly, creating dynamic attack surfaces
  • The more distributed your environment, the harder it becomes to track and manage
  • Diverse hybrid and multi-cloud environments require continuous security management across thousands of possible asset types and workloads

Our Solution:

The Fidelis Elevate and Fidelis Halo platforms give you a decisive advantage over adversaries by keeping up with even the fastest moving environments at scale. Our phenomenal depth of network visibility, advanced cyber terrain mapping, and comprehensive cloud visibility, discovery, and assessment mean you can see more, and stop more, faster.

  • Rely on real-time analysis of bi-directional network visibility, including patented Deep Packet Inspection, that shows deeply embedded attempts at data exfiltration
  • Further elimination hiding places at line-speed with Network decryption and re-encryption
  • Accelerate identification and remediation of misconfigured and vulnerable cloud assets
  • Shift left, with integrated security testing that keeps tabs on your CICD pipeline and stops risks before they’re introduced into your production environments

The Critical Role of Cloud Visibility

Staying ahead of constantly changing environments through automated cloud security is the only way to shrink the cloud attack surface. Fidelis Halo plays a critical role by providing real-time visibility.

  • See exactly what you have in the cloud, whether it’s properly configured, and how to remediate it when it’s not
  • Keep ahead of cloud changes in real-time, all the time, automatically and at scale
  • Ensure full visibility and control without heavy agents that contend for cloud resources or inflate your cloud budget

Learn how you can detect, hunt and respond better, faster.