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The Challenge:

Ransomware has lasting consequences

Ransomware is the fastest growing form of cybercrime. Attackers hold data for ransom with a threat to either publish or perpetually block access to your data until a ransom is paid. Ransomware causes downtime, data loss and IP theft, business disruption, and harms a business’ reputation. After successfully executing a ransomware attack on an organization, the attacker has a map of your entire system and network and often leaves behind a backdoor to enable them to regain access to your network in the future. While Ransomware cripples organizations, tracing and prosecuting perpetrators is difficult.


Our Solution:

Stop ransomware before it locks down your business 

With Ransomware, early detection and response can help significantly lower damages and costs. Thwart Ransomware from all directions. Fidelis helps you quickly identify and block potential breach points or areas of exposure across all threat vectors with enterprise-wide visibility, real-time analysis, and automated, retrospective analysis. It also helps you analyze how a cyber security defense was breached, what systems were compromised, and determine what changes are needed to prevent future breaches.

  • Block Ransomware and other crypto-mining before damage is done
  • Accelerate detection and response to advanced adversaries
  • Automate the process of finding and eliminating intruders on the network
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Why Now?

No one wants to be held for ransom

One-in-three attacks is enterprise ransomware. Every 11 seconds, ransomware attacks a business, and ransomware-induced costs are expected exceed $20 Billion by 2021. Ransomware attacks are increasingly more powerful. From the first to the second quarter of 2020, the average ransom payment increased 60% (US$178,254). Victims of the 11 biggest ransomware attacks have spent at least $144.2 million on costs ranging from investigating the attack, rebuilding networks and restoring backups to paying the hackers ransom and putting preventative measures in place to avoid future incidents. Once they’re paid, many return for more ransom. Don’t be victimized.

Let Us Prove It.

See how Fidelis Elevate helps you identify and close potential breach points to prevent ransomware.

Avoid the crippling effects of Ransomware
through early detection and response

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