Fidelis Cybersecurity

Prevent Ransomware

Find and stop advanced threats and malware.

Stay Out of the Headlines

Safeguard data and assets and keep your organization out of the headlines with advanced ransomware protection and fast threat detection and remediation.

The Challenge:

  • Fastest growing form of cybercrime – Attackers hold your data for ransom with a threat to perpetually lock your data or publish it unless a ransom is paid.
  • Cripples an organization – Causes downtime, data loss and IP theft, business disruption, loss of revenue, and harms a company’s reputation.
  • Expensive. Potentially financially devastating – Ransomware costs are expected to exceed 265 billion dollars over the next 10 years.
  • High risk of repeat – Successful attacks mean adversaries have a complete map of your entire network; they leave back doors open for follow-on attacks (80% of ransomware victims are attacked again).

Our Solution:

Stop ransomware before it stops your progress

Early detection and response are crucial to significantly lowering damages, downtime, and costs when it comes to ransomware. Fidelis Cybersecurity helps defenders block ransomware and other crypto-mining before any damage is done.

  • Ensure enterprise-wide visibility and detection – hybrid, cloud and on-prem environments
    • Fidelis Network – network traffic analysis (even encrypted) across all ports and protocols
    • Fidelis Endpoint – endpoint detection and response accelerates and automates investigations with deep forensics
    • Fidelis Deception – deception technologies to alter network terrain and detect post breach attacks with automated deception layers
  • Accelerate detection and response to advanced adversaries
    • Over 20 different detection methods
    • Patented Deep session inspection
    • Rich metadata analytics and threat intelligence
    • Remove blind spots with Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) decryption of TLS traffic
    • Real-time and automated, retrospective analysis
    • High confidence and actionable alerts driven by analytics and anomalies, deception, threat intelligence, and MITRE ATT&CK
  • Block potential breach points or exposure areas across all threat vectors
    • Analyze how a cyber security defense was breached
    • Understand what systems were compromised
    • Determine changes required to prevent future breaches
  • Automate the process of finding and eliminating intruders on the network.

Why Now?

  • Every 11 seconds a business is the victim of ransomware[1]
  • One-in-three attacks is enterprise ransomware[2]
  • The average ransom payment is increasing (average payments increased by 60% in 2020[3])
  • Ransomware costs this year alone are expected to exceed $20 billion
  • Victims of the 11 biggest attacks have spent more than $144 million on costs including, investigating, rebuilding networks, restoring back-ups, paying hackers demands, and putting preventative measures in place[4]
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