Achieve Continuous Compliance

Automated compliance across public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Minimize Risk to Your Organization

Automate remediation of common cloud compliance issues and misconfigurations to minimize risks and improve efficiency and efficacy of your security and DevOps teams.

The Challenge:

In today’s technology-driven and highly connected organizations, security and compliance are everyone’s responsibility. InfoSec teams lead the effort, but become overwhelmed with tools, responsibilities, checklists, and alerts. As environments grow, compliance issues slip through the cracks.

  • All organizations rely on technology, but not everyone is security-savvy
  • As hybrid and multi-cloud systems come online, multiple security tools and consoles result in inconsistent compliance and coverage gaps
  • DevOps teams are increasingly tasked with cloud asset ownership and deployment, often without direct security oversight
continuous compliance graphic

Our Solution:

With automated, continuous compliance, every stakeholder and asset owner become a force multiplier for security. Fidelis Halo automates compliance across even the most complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments, unifying policies, rules, and controls for simplified operation and streamline enforcement.

  • Accelerate security implementation with a comprehensive library of customizable policies and rules for compliance with CIS benchmarks, regulatory standards, and industry best practices
  • Create a culture of security awareness with automated alerts that go directly to asset owners
  • Speed remediation efforts with alert rationale, best-practice remediation advice, and automation scripts included in alerts
  • Consolidate data into a single source of truth for streamlined audit processes that eliminate eleventh-hour file drills

Why Continuous Compliance?

66% of enterprises need to access between three and six dashboards to configure security policies. Meanwhile, 52% of enterprises rely on monthly remediation cadences, which can drastically increase the risk of a security breach. Continuous compliance that relies on a single source of truth eliminates confusion, closes gaps, and accelerates remediation to a real-time exercise that keeps your organization safe from preventable security issues.

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