Automate Security Remediation

Reduce risk and empower DevOps

Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency

Automate remediation of common cloud compliance issues and misconfigurations to minimize risks and improve efficiency and efficacy of your security and DevOps teams.

The Challenge:

The cloud moves fast, with new stakeholders charged with asset ownership and deployment. With 52% of enterprises still relying on monthly remediation cadences, that leaves a lot of time for attackers to find and exploit misconfigurations.

  • The vast majority of security issues in the cloud start with a misconfigured IaaS or PaaS asset
  • DevOps teams spin cloud resources up and down faster than security can track through manual processes
  • Constant communication touchpoints between Security and DevOps cause friction between teams and slow down delivery processes
automate security remediation graphic

Our Solution:

Fidelis halo delivers actionable technical data and automation scripts directly to system owners so they can drive remediation efforts. Armed with detailed issue explanations, remediation guidance, best-practice advice, and JSON scripts, InfoSec or DevOps can quickly and effectively automate remediation for common security issues.

  • Accelerate and clarify communications with automated alerts that go directly to issue owners and InfoSec
  • Automatically close the door on common risks, including insecure IaaS/PaaS configurations and rogue containers, so you can investigate issues without the worry of breach or exploitation
  • Reduce the friction between teams and make DevOps a force multiplier for security best practices

Why Now?

Manual security remediation is a critical component of security operations. But with the speed of cloud, you may miss the creation of an exposed asset until it’s too late. Even the shortest-lived, misconfigured asset can serve as a foot in the door for adversaries. Automated remediation stops insecure asset creation or automatically quarantines misconfigured assets before they become entry points into your organization’s critical systems and data.

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