Gain Full Asset Awareness

Continuous, real-time asset discovery, classification, and risk calculation

Regain Your Advantage Over Adversaries

Gain a decisive advantage over your adversary by coupling full asset visibility and continuous, real-time discovery and classification, with asset risk calculation across networks and clouds.

The Challenge:

Operating at the high velocity of modern cloud environments might seem to give your adversaries a distinct advantage. If you don’t stay on top of asset awareness, your risk increases exponentially with each new high-value asset added to your environment.

  • Dynamic and distributed hybrid and multi-cloud environments require real-time asset awareness to ensure security coverage
  • Advanced adversaries can move through IT environments for days and weeks, or even months or years, before they are detected
  • Knowing what you have is not enough—you need to understand and prioritize the risk each asset represents to your organization
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Our Solution:

The Fidelis Elevate and Fidelis Halo platforms work proactively to safeguard your data and assets. They provide continuous asset discovery, classification, and risk assessment and risk scoring across your network and cloud environments.

  • Keep up with fast-moving, dynamic environments with automated discovery and inventory
  • Gain best-practice remediation advice with high-fidelity alerts on security and compliance issues, including cloud misconfigurations
  • Simplify security management with unified, cloud-provider-agnostic asset awareness across IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers
  • Conduct issue analysis and prioritize action based on granular details, including cloud configurations and asset vulnerabilities, ownership, and access rights

High-fidelity Threat Detection

Make it harder for adversaries to move undetected through your environment. Fidelis Deception automatically deploys decoys based on real-time asset awareness. When adversaries are distracted with fake assets, you get a clear, unambiguous call to action so you can quickly eradicate threats before damage can be done.

  • Gain a deep understanding of your terrain by automatically identifying and classifying all managed and unmanaged assets across networks and clouds
  • Close your gaps with continuous, real-time visibility your entire environment
  • Understand the high-risk assets and paths that entice your adversaries
  • Dynamically alter the attack surface to increase risk, cost, and complexity of attacks
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How Can We Help You?

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