Fidelis MDR

24/7 Protection Across Your Endpoints, Network, and Cloud


No organization is immune to attack – take a proactive stance with managed detection and response.

Fidelis Managed Detection and Response (MDR) delivers industry-best talent and solutions to proactively hunt threats, speed up investigations, and stop detected threats. Fidelis MDR can augment your existing SOC with proactive threat hunting or act as your trusted security team running the Fidelis Elevate™ platform. Gain a competitive edge with the benefits of unmatched security expertise and a unified security operations platform designed to protect the most complex environments.

The Fidelis Difference:


The Fidelis MDR team is comprised of expert security operations professionals, forensic analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters. Our experts have been called in to successfully run critical IR projects in response to many of the largest data breaches on record.


Fidelis MDR leverages the power of the Fidelis Elevate platform which is the only unified security solution that provides deep visibility, threat intelligence and context across complex environments to automate detection and response.


Fidelis MDR is one of the only security services that includes deception technology to lure adversaries away from critical assets to decoy environments. Fidelis Deception discovers and classifies networks and assets, providing an accurate view of the complete network.



Many MSSPs are now calling themselves Managed Detection and Response providers, but while MSSPs provide basic security capabilities, they often do not provide the same level of expertise and technology to detect and respond to advanced threats quickly and with high confidence. Fidelis MDR acts as an extension to your existing team, combining seasoned experts and forensic capabilities to ensure quick and accurate detection and response that you can trust. 

Managed Detection and Response
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Managed Detection and Response - The Fidelis Difference.

Complex Attacks Don't Sleep - Neither Do We

We understand that every moment counts when it comes to detection and response – that’s why we have a highly-trained team of responders stationed around the globe, allowing us to follow the sun and deliver a complete service no matter what the time.

Enforce Policies and Compliance Requirements

We verify and enforce your security policies and compliance requirements. Instead of worrying about alert workflows and turning your enterprise data protection policies into action, feel confident with a full-service solution that focuses on detection, response, and remediation.

The Technology Powering Fidelis MDR Includes:

Fidelis Network® provides deep visibility – across sessions, packets, and content – and automatically validates, correlates, and consolidates network alerts against every endpoint in your network, facilitating an extremely fast response from the MDR experts.

Fidelis Endpoint® is designed for automated detection and response to today’s advanced cyber threats. It equips the MDR experts with the tools to confidently detect, respond to, and resolve security incidents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional approaches.

Fidelis Deception automatically profiles networks and assets to create deception layers that are as realistic as possible to detect post-breach attacks. This technology allows you to divert attacks from real resources and data to quickly detect and defend against post-breach attacks.

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Critical Capabilities for MDR Services - Know Before You Buy

A 24/7 coverage and skills shortages for post breach detection and response are driving the need for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services. Analysts are predicting 15X growth for MDR services over the next few years as security leaders shift their focus from prevention to detection knowing attacks are evading existing defenses, often without malware by using macros and scripts.
Managed services often use MDR marketing messages and this sometimes results in their security monitoring services not meeting expectations. Buyers must learn what to look for in an MDR solution to avoid falling into this trap.
Join Mike Stewart, Vice President of Security Consulting and Tom Clare, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, for this 30 minute educational webcast.