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Consulting Services

Adversaries have many motives. They rapidly evolve their tools and tactics. Our security experts have helped hundreds of companies successfully prepare for, respond to and recover from security incidents of all kinds.

Fidelis protects the world’s most sensitive data. In fact, 40% of the world’s most valuable brands trust Fidelis. Going back over 13 years – even before the FBI and U.S. Secret Service had resources dedicated to computer crimes – Fidelis consultants have been working to help clients strengthen their defenses. Our consultants have driven innovation from the earliest military incursion planning through the development of one of the world’s first security operations centers (SOC), to their work today helping organizations of all sizes manage their way through critical security incidents.

Is this unique? We think it is. Not because others don’t claim it. They do so routinely. What’s unique about Fidelis is that we go beyond buzzwords. We live up to our claims and we don’t take “no” for an answer.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a closer look at our consulting services offerings:

Prepare, Detect, Respond

EmergencyIncidentResponseCreated with Sketch. Incident Response Services

When an incident occurs, our security consultants determine the scope, remove attackers from your environment and re-secure your network.

Learn more about Incident Response Services

Group 17 CopyCreated with Sketch. Incident Response Readiness Assessment

We evaluate, assess and validate your incident response plan and your readiness to respond to an incident.

Learn more about Incident Response Readiness Assessment

SecurityAssessmentCreated with Sketch. Compromise Assessment

We evaluate your enterprise to determine if attackers are active in your environment or have evaded your security measures in the past.

Learn more about Compromise Assessment

SOCDevelopmentCreated with Sketch. Security Operation Center Development

We work closely with your organization to develop your existing security operations center (SOC) or design and build a new SOC from the ground up.

Learn more about Security Operation Center Development

PCIAssessmentCreated with Sketch. PCI Assessment

As certified Qualified Security Assessors for PCI DSS, we evaluate adherence, identify noncompliant areas, and provide recommendations to meet compliance obligations.

Learn more about PCI Assessment

LitigationSupport CopyCreated with Sketch. Litigation Support

Our consultants provide electronic evidence expertise prior to and during litigation and are experienced in collecting and analyzing data for depositions, investigations, discovery and testimony.

Learn more about Litigation Support

lock copyCreated with Sketch. Security Program Review

Understand how your security program compares to your peers and industry best practices. Our experts will assess your approach and provide prioritized recommendations for improving it.

Learn more about Security Program Review

people-4Created with Sketch. Incident Response Retainer

Establish the terms and conditions before a compromise so you have a trusted adviser on call to quickly respond and reduce the time an attacker is active in your environment.

Learn more about Incident Response

training copyCreated with Sketch. Product Training & Deployment

Our professional services team provides product training and deployment services that enable you to improve your situational awareness and reduce your risk.

Learn more about Product Training Deployment

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Our team would be glad to help you understand your risk and what you can do to improve your security posture.