Secure your Data with Fidelis Network®


Data leakage can have an incredibly negative impact on an organization’s brand, customer trust, and resources - potentially resulting in legal liability, lawsuits, fines, penalties, or even incarceration. As prevention is necessary to ensure the security of digital assets, an enterprise must be able to demonstrate that adequate care has been taken to avert the loss of sensitive and valuable data.

To ensure an organization’s digital assets are well protected, it is important to choose a full-featured network DLP solution. Many solutions in the DLP marketplace today are more focused on monitoring and alerting when data has been leaked rather than preventing the actual leak. To ensure adequate protection of sensitive digital assets, it is imperative to implement a solution that not only identifies but prevents a leak before it occurs.

With Fidelis Network®, you can block network data exfiltration in the present and look back in time to understand where, when, and how these exfiltration attempts took place and what systems were compromised. Knowing this valuable information gathered from the network metadata allows you to plug in any gaps that you may have missed in the present or the past. It also allows you to understand what sensitive data was lost and who was compromised.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Key requirements for a Network DLP solution
  • Value of a Network DLP solution
  • Key Features of a Network DLP solution
  • How Fidelis Network can block data exfiltration and secure your data

Speakers: Tom Clare and Kevin Harvey

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