Live Demonstration – Ensure Greater Visibility and Response with Fidelis Endpoint®


Enterprise security operations are complex, with siloed visibility across networks, endpoints, and cloud, combined with too many tools for understaffed and overwhelmed teams to manage. With an ever-increasing security stack, enterprise security teams are often forced to rely on fragmented systems that blur visibility rather than enable crisp, clear focus on the events at hand. The ultimate result is a lack of operational efficiency as analysts spend time trying to correlate information across disjointed systems to interpret and draw conclusions.

Fidelis Endpoint combines rich endpoint visibility and multiple defenses with incident response workflow automation including deep interrogation and recorded playbacks reducing response time from hours to minutes for security analysts. The Fidelis Endpoint module is a component of the Fidelis Elevate platform that delivers automated detection and response.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how you can automate endpoint detection and response while increasing visibility and reducing your response time

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Visibility into all threat activity at the endpoint
  • Hunting for threats directly on the endpoint, in both file system and memory
  • Key event recording and automatic timeline generation
  • Automated endpoint response using scripts and playbooks
  • Integration with Fidelis Network to improve your team's effectiveness and efficiency
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