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Transforming Security Operations with Security Analytics & Automation

On-Demand Webinar


Today’s security professionals are overwhelmed, but the volume of attacks and data breaches are only increasing. Security operations teams must have faster detection and response.

Join Joseph Blankenship, Senior Analyst at Forrester to hear about:

  • Transforming Security Operations With Automation & Analytics
  • The Evolution of Security Analytics
  • Improve SOC Effectiveness & Efficiency with Faster Detection and Response


Joseph Blankenship, Senior Analyst at Forrester
Joseph (aka JB) supports Security & Risk professionals, helping clients develop security strategies and make informed decisions to protect against risk. He covers security infrastructure and operations, including security information management (SIM), security analytics, security automation and orchestration (SAO), distributed denial of service (DDoS), and network security. His research focuses on security monitoring, threat detection, insider threat, operations, and management.

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