Hunting Down Advanced Threats: 5 Threat Hunting Tactics that Work

Hunting Down Advanced Threats: 5 Threat Hunting Tactics that Work

Threat Hunting is a powerful technique that can improve the security posture of any organization. However, being able to effectively hunt for threats is dependent on having proper visibility across the cyber terrain, the right data, and specialized skills to find the hidden malicious activity that may already be in your environment. With so many places to look and so many things to look for, how do you structure your hunt? Where do you start? What’s the most effective threat hunting approach? 

Join our cybersecurity expert and Sr Cybersecurity Strategist, for a discussion on how to begin implementing and developing a threat hunting program for your SOC or Cyber Fusion Center.  We will examine threat hunting philosophies and the key tactics that will move your organization from a continually reactive posture, to a proactive one that effectively keeps attackers from achieving their mission.

Key takeaways:

  • Seek out the enemy using 5 threat hunting tactics  
  • How to generate a hypothesis-based threat hunt 
  • Defining the who, what and when and how to develop a threat hunting template    

This session will include a dedicated time for open Q&A and a complementary eBook Threat Hunting Essentials – Part 1: Threat Hunting Defined”.  

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