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The State of Threat Detection in 2019

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You can’t defend what you can’t see. As organizations contend with evolving threats, a higher rate of data breaches, and an expanding cyber terrain, gaining complete visibility of that terrain is the first step in standing up an effective defensive posture against cyber threats. Download this webinar to hear a detailed analysis of survey findings straight from the experts and how findings can be applied to the modern enterprise and 2020 security programs.

Join Fidelis CTO Craig Harber and Director of Threat Research Danny Pickens as they dive into the results of the 2019 State of Threat Detection Report and discuss what the research means for modern enterprises across the globe, both big and small. Together, they discuss:

  • The biggest cybersecurity challenges facing modern enterprises
  • Organizations’ confidence levels in preventing, detecting and responding to cyber threats
  • How organizations are modeling their security architecture
  • Major barriers to desired capabilities such as Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting

Download the State of Threat Detection Report 2019 to read what we found.

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