Examining the State of Security Operations and How to Automate Threat Detection and Response

On-Demand Webinar


Prevention is still important within the security approach, but with borderless enterprises and sophisticated attackers who have the motivation and financial means, they will find a way into your organization. And most Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are under siege. Security analysts oftentimes have more alerts than they can typically triage and investigate, giving attackers more time to evade detection and taking longer for SOCs to respond. The result is that once attackers break in, they often stay hidden inside for too long – moving laterally and stealing sensitive data.

Fidelis Cybersecurity commissioned 360Velocity to conduct an enterprise study on the State of the SOC, including current trends and practices of threat detection and response. Join this webinar to listen to security experts Dr. Chenxi Wang of 360Velocity and Tim Roddy, VP of Cybersecurity Product Strategy at Fidelis examine:

  • How to automate alert triaging and prioritization
  • The case for and how to integrate network sensors and endpoint enforcement
  • How to standardize processes for threat detection and response
  • Meaningful SOC metrics to use for understanding effectiveness/ineffectiveness
  • Threat hunting – what it entails and how to confirm threats that resulted in an incident
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