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Securing your Company Assets and Remote Workforce Against the Latest Threats

On-Demand Webinar Series


With quickly shifting dynamics forcing more employees to work from home, for a much longer than anticipated amount of time, organizations must gain visibility of a decentralized environment and be able to quickly detect and respond to security issues as they continue to arise.

Join our cybersecurity experts for a webinar series exploring the latest threats and how to protect your organization and employees against them.

You’re Under Attack – How to Expedite INCIDENT RESPONSE

  • Learn how to gain remote, live control of forensically sound data
  • Learn how to write scripts on the fly to stop malicious activity in process
  • Using Playbooks to automate IR

Enabling VISIBILITY of Remote Assets in Your Network

  • Fidelis Endpoint – How to Detect and Hunt using Metadata and live console
  • Creating automatic reactions (playbooks) to make analysts lives easier
  • Response – How to maintain endpoint back into working conditions and into secure-state

Addressing New CYBER THREATS Exploiting Current Events

  • Fidelis Network – Learn about some of the latest threats and how to detect them in your environment
  • How to apply Policies and Custom Feeds to your infrastructure

HUNTING for Advanced Cyber Threats

  • Understanding the attacker’s mentality
  • Tips and tricks to proactively identify threats – both on and off the network
  • Evaluating your security stack against the MITRE framework

STOPPING the Spread of a RANSOMWARE Attack

  • A use case for Fidelis’ EDR technology
  • Learn how to minimize the impact of ransomware on your environment

Additional Resources

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