Fidelis Cybersecurity

Real World Attacks Against the Oil & Gas Industry & How to Hunt for Them

On-Demand Webinar


At a recent SANS Summit focused on the Oil & Gas industry, our MDR Operations Lead and VP of Services, share real-world examples of cyber-attacks against the oil and gas industry, consequences of these attacks, AND ways that you can hunt for them outside of traditional security tools.

The energy sector is increasingly more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Summit attendees joined Fidelis for an intimate lunch and learn presentation as we share real world examples of attacks against the industry and the severe consequences that follow. During our discussion, we also shared how you can identify activities that fall outside of traditional security tools. Be prepared to walk away from this webinar presentation with an understanding of:

  • Why you should shift your focus from prevention to detection.
  • Why a baseline of the environment matters (Understand your terrain).
  • Examples of how to perform detection without compromising operational reliability.
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