Putting Cyber Attackers on the Defensive


Modern networks are always under siege. With attackers continuously eyeing up your defenses, aiming to crack your security posture wide open, organizations need to be able to intercept and foil any potential avenues of attack. From the amateur script kiddie acting alone, to professional hackers leveraging advanced methods and technologies, today’s security architectures must contend with an ever-widening pool of threats. To do so effectively, you need to understand all the potential avenues of attack available to adversaries, from the most basic to the most advanced. In order to cut off these avenues of attack, you must have an advanced understanding of your own network – being able to view your security architecture through the eyes of your attackers.

This in-depth understanding of your cyber terrain informs your defense, allowing you to lay traps and pitfalls for would-be attackers. Knowing what attackers are looking for and how they are going to try to move throughout your network provides you with a key advantage. With this knowledge, Deception technology becomes a powerful weapon in your defensive arsenal.

In this on-demand webinar, our Deception experts:

  • simulate attacks in real-time,
  • demonstrate the difference between low- and high-skill attacks, and
  • demonstrate how Deception technology identifies and combats attackers seeking to move around your network.

Don’t miss this exciting demonstration of how Deception catches even the stealthiest of attackers.

Rami Mizrahi, as the defender
Yishai Gerstle, as the attacker

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